Dans le tableau ci-dessous figurent les noms des danses apprises et entre parenthèses le nom du chorégraphe ainsi que la date du cours.

Vous pouvez retrouver ces chorégraphies sur le site internet "Youtube"

Honey I'm good AB (Suzy  Beau) 07/09/16 Big City Summertime (Darren Bailey) 07/09/2016 To be in love (Séverine Fillion) (05/10/2016)
Come to dance (Séverine Fillion) 14/09/16) Greater than me (Maggie Gallagher) 14/09/16                                 
Old Alabama (Rob Fowler) 21/09/16 Temple bar (come on down) (Karen Kennedy) 21/09/16  
Drinking with Dolly (Séverine Fillion) 28/09/16 Hat trick (Rob Fowler) 28/09/16  
Golden wedding ring (S.Fillion) Bush party (Gudrun Schneider)  19/10/16  
Whatcha reckon (A Corthesi) Roll in The Hay (A. Corthesy) 09/11  
Stop staring at my eyes (R.Sarl.& N.Poulsen) 16/11 Sinatra et Chardonnay (A.Biggs & P.Metelnick) 16/11  
The last living cowboy (Lesley Clark) 23/11 Seven (Stefano Civa (23/11)  
Country Feels (Linda A. Weston) 30/11 Cuz You (Jef Camps) 30/11  
Rose (Rafel Corbi) 07/12 We go home (Dirk Leibing) 07/12  
Rain (Kate Sala) 04/01/17 CT Shuffle (F.W & D.Bayley) 04/01/17  
Judge Not (R.McEnaney) 11/01/2017   We only live once (R.Mc Gowan) 11/01/2017
Got No (J.Bellavista) 18/01   Holly's church (M&L Hollnsteiner) 18/01
Stay all night (Jef Camps) 25/01 Another Time song (Suzy Beau) 01/02/17 Happy happy happy (A Mateu Simon) 25/01
Give me the beat (M Svensson ERLANDSSON) 08/02   I Be U Be (G. Schneider) 08/02
Cut and strut (15/02)    
Old Love (Cathy Dumoulin) 01/03 Long Stretch (M. Cheever et Bill Mcgee) 04/03  
Hungover (S.Fillion) 08/03 See you (G. Schneider) 08/03  
  Lay Down and dance (Fiona Murray)15/03  
Hole down in my heart (S.Fillion/R.Fowler) 29/03/17 Old and Grey (Rob Fowler) 22/03/17 Wonder (R.Fowler, R.Verdonk & S.Fillion) 05/04/17
Long Black train (T.Argyle)26/04 Everywhere (G.Teather) 26/04  
Mr Dee Jay (Dee Musk) 03/5 Lalali (M& L Hollnsteiner) 03/05  
Road less traveled (Malicountry) 10/05/17   Piooners (Séverine Fillion) 10/05/17
  Castaways partner (Dan Albro) 18/05  
The roads never taken (Valérie Del Campo) 24/05   Southern Thing (R.Fowler & D.Bailey) 31/05/17
Paddy's Choir (G.O'Reilly et M.Gallagher) 07/06/2017   Chasing down a good time (Dan Albro) 07/06/2017
  Start over again (S.Fillion) 21/06/17 We march on (S;Fillion) 14/06/17
1159 (R.McEnaney) 07/2017    
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